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Articles related to dementia

Browse: Persistant Inflammatory Response Leads to Dementia
Feature: A Fine Balance for Dementia Drugs
Since too much or too little of a key protein expressed in the brain can accelerate brain ageing, drugs developed to regulate its levels face a fine balancing act.
Browse: MRI Predicts Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease Browse: Alcohol Doesn’t Dull the Minds of Older Men
Older men who consume alcohol excessively are not more likely to suffer from cognitive impairment in later life, according to research reported in Neurology.
Feature: Running for your Life
Exercise can improve the way the brain functions, even in cases of brain trauma. Here’s why.
Browse: Alzheimer’s Vaccine Slows Development of Tangles
Vaccine shows promise for Alzheimer's and early-onset dementia.
Browse: Computers Back-Up Old Brains
Computer use is associated with a reduced danger of dementia and cognitive decline among men aged 65–85, a Perth study has found.
Browse: Sugar Shrinks the Brain
High blood sugar levels, even within what is considered the normal range, can contribute to dementia, a study published in Neurology suggests.
Browse: Spice Improves Memory Browse: Junk Diet’s Role in Dementia
Neuropsy: Exercising the Brain
Can physical activity in later life slow the rate of cerebral atrophy?
Up Close: Deferring dementia: Research efforts to keep Alzheimer’s at bay
Neurobiologist Prof Colin Masters explains current medical understanding of Alzheimer’s disease, and discusses ongoing research efforts towards delaying onset of this as yet incurable condition.
Up Close: Brains at risk: The curious link between strokes and Alzheimer’s disease
World authority on strokes and post-stroke care Prof Vladimir Hachinski discusses how strokes can amplify the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and vice versa, and how lifestyle factors can be protective against both.