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Articles related to decision science

Browse: Financial Decisions Influenced by Light Intensity Browse: Species Relocation Made More Objective
As climate change makes existing habitat unsuitable for many species, conservation managers will increasingly be faced with the decision over whether to relocate their charges to cooler locations. An Australian–New Zealand collaboration has provided a mechanism to assist such judgements.
Eco Logic: Five Objections to Decision Science in Conservation
What are the main objections to decision science, and why they are wrong?
Eco Logic: Conservation in a Wicked World
Conventional approaches to conservation can learn from complex military decisions in Afghanistan.
Neuropsy: Too Many Choices
Decisions are most easily made when the right number of options are available.
Up Close: Decision neuroscience: Emerging insights into the way we choose
Decision science researcher Prof Peter Bossaerts argues that investigating brain activity as we make decisions is generating new insights into how we deal with uncertainty and risk. Once the domain of economists and psychologists, the study of human decision-making is increasingly taking a neuron-level view, with implications well beyond economics and finance.