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Articles related to cybersecurity

Browse: USB Connections Make Snooping Easy
Feature: Why Personal Data Breaches Are a Growing Problem
While most people whose online data have been compromised report little or no financial consequences, the overall cost runs into trillions of dollars even before the loss of trust in e-commerce is factored in.
Feature: Cyberwarfare: How the Digital Revolution Can Change the Rules of Engagement
When does a cyberattack become an act of war, and how can governments protect its citizens from cyberattacks on civil infrastructure that is also a strategic military target?
Browse: Global survey reveals the impact of declining trust in the Internet on e-commerce
Browse: Global survey reveals that most people are ill equipped to deal with ransomware Expert Opinion: After 'WannaCrypt', should governments stockpile software vulnerabilities?
Should governments adhere in cyberspace to the same rules applied to weapons in the physical world?
Online Feature: Individuals not the priority in the Cyber Security Strategy Expert Opinion: Australia's proposed encryption laws
New laws proposed by the Australian Government target communication services and device makers, and include the power for police to force companies to disclose encrypted information on devices like phones, computers and social media platforms. Apple has called the draft legislation “dangerously ambiguous”, saying that the Coalition's attempt to weaken digital encryption should be “alarming to all Australians”.