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Browse: Skeptics Award Bent Spoon to New CSIRO Chief Browse: CSIRO Names New Chief
Feature: Larry and the Science Factory
After meeting with new CEO Larry Marshall, Ian Maxwell looks at CSIRO’s place among public and private interests, and the options from here.
Expert Opinion: National Commission of Audit’s recommendations for scientific research
The National Commission of Audit has suggested a major overhaul of the way scientific research is carried out in Australia, including greater government control over the work undertaken by CSIRO and abolishing the Cooperative Research Centre Association.
Lowe Tech: CSIRO Cools on Climate Science
The science of climate change might now be accepted by world governments, but it’s short-sighted of CSIRO to short-change its research capabilities in this area.
Lowe Tech: The Electric Vehicle Challenge
Installations of solar and wind energy will need to maintain their pace to ensure that the coming demand for electric vehicles won’t be powered by fossil fuels.
Lowe Tech: What We Learned in the Election Campaign
The election revealed a bipartisan lack of understanding of the role of science in innovation and of the coal industry in the fate of the Great Barrier Reef.
Up Front: CSIRO's Ideology Is Questionable
The decision to dismantle CSIRO's climate research underlines a shift in priorities from support of broad societal needs towards a focus on wealth generation.
Up Front: An open letter to the Australian Government and CSIRO
Almost 3000 of the world's scientists have signed an open letter to the Australian government and the CSIRO in response to the cuts to CSIRO's climate research.
Up Front: CSIRO Weathers a New Storm
CSIRO’s climate scientists are used to being gagged and bound, but now they have also been thrown overboard.
Up Front: Jobs, Growth and... Science
Early next month Australians will head to the election polls, and for once scientific issues have bubbled to the surface.
The Funneled Web: The Wonderful World of CSIRO
To lose one outstanding researcher, Dr Clark, may be regarded as a misfortune; to lose two looks like carelessness, but to lose THREE?
CSIRO in bed with big tobacco
Pockley's Point: How a Communications Saga Rocked CSIRO
A "warts and all" account of CSIRO has sidestepped some of its most embarrassing failures. The first blog in a series published online this month outlines the documentary evidence behind CSIRO's appointment of a tobacco lobbyist as its Director of Communications, which led to a public black ban of Australasian Science.
Pockley's Point: How a Tobacco Lobbyist Won over CSIRO
In part 2 of this exclusive series, Freedom of Information requests of CSIRO internal correspondence reveal the machinations behind the eventual appointment of a former senior tobacco executive and lobbyist as the science organisation's Director of Communications.
Pockley's Point: Science Lost in CSIRO's Matrix
Part 3 of this series documents some of the glaring omissions from a “warts and all” account of CSIRO.
Online Feature: State of the Climate 2012
The Bureau of Meteorology and CSIRO have released an updated summary of Australia’s long term climate trends.
Online Feature: Australia needs fundamental research to build a great country
It's taken only 2 months for misgivings about the Abbott government's approach to science policy to be confirmed.
Online Feature: CSIRO risks backing the wrong horse as it reacts to budget cuts
What happens to CSIRO when the federal government decides to strip away A$111 million over four years from its A$733 million annual contribution to the organisation’s budget? We are beginning to find out.
Online Feature: Fossil fuel growth centre harks back to old ideas about climate costs Online Feature: CSIRO must ensure climate science is maintained