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Articles related to cosmology

Browse: When the Universe Cooled
Michio Kaku
Feature: Big Bang Theory
String theory inventor Michio Kaku talks to Australasian Science about the recent discovery of gravitational waves, the search for parallel universes and a unified theory of everything.
Browse: Black Hole Reveals the Corkscrew Nature of Light
Credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech/VLA/MPIA
Feature: Cosmology and Galaxy Evolution with the SKA
The SKA will provide new insights into how galaxies are assembled over time, from the hydrogen gas that fills the universe to the properties of dark matter and dark energy that dominate the large-scale structure of the cosmos.
Browse: Slow Death of the Universe Expert Opinion: Scientists Detect Echoes of the Big Bang
Astronomers have found evidence that the Universe underwent a period of rapid inflation in the very first moments of its existence. If confirmed, the tell-tale signature of gravitational waves in the afterglow of the Big Bang will open a new chapter in astronomy, cosmology and physics.
Up Close: Curve your expectations: Observing planets and galaxies with the help of gravity
Cosmologist Dr Bart Pindor explains gravitational lensing, in which the curvature of space by gravity allows us to investigate galaxies and other astral bodies.