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Articles related to construction

Browse: Buckingham Palace Built with Jurassic Microbes
Rescue workers after a bomb blast
Feature: Bomb-Proofing Buildings
A new form of reinforced concrete that can absorb the blast of an explosion is being developed for use in buildings that can withstand terrorist attacks.
Example of a modern rammed earth house in Western Australia.
Feature: Remote Housing Need Not Cost the Earth
Building and maintaining houses in remote Aboriginal communities is difficult and expensive, but engineering improvements to rammed earth constructions offer a viable alternative.
Up Close: Ear to the ground: Preparing for and recovering from earthquakes
Earthquake researcher Assoc Prof Mark Quigley explains the lessons learned from recent major earthquakes into how to better prepare regions at risk, the value of strong science communication to affected populations during crisis, and the importance of developing appropriate building codes in anticipation of the Next Big One.