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Articles related to conspiracy

Naked Skeptic: A Conspiracy of Conspiracists
Research into the psychology of conspiracy theorists has been withdrawn from publication following complaints that the research is itself a conspiracy.
Naked Skeptic: It’s All Happening, and It’s All Connected
This spring sees the decadal anniversaries of two favourites among conspiracy theorists.
Naked Skeptic: Filtering Science through Conspiracy
A new study finds that people who tend to believe in conspiracies are also likely to reject a consensus of scientific opinion on issues like climate change and vaccination.
Naked Skeptic: Right to Read Denied by Deniers
A research paper about the people who are drawn to conspiracy theories has been permanently retracted due to the threat of litigation by climate change deniers rather than a flaw in the science.
Odd Spot: John Oliver on Conspiracy Theories
For those who love or loathe conspiracy theories, John Oliver turns his attention to the Cadbury Creme Egg.