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Articles related to consciousness

Neuropsy: Consciousness Revealed
Can consciousness be detected by neuroimaging?
Neuropsy: Rebooting the Brain
A study of recovery from anaesthesia finds that returning to consciousness is not a simple path.
Neuropsy: The Crimes of Sleepwalkers
Sleep experts and lawyers are wrestling over the criminal responsibility of sleepers.
Neuropsy: An Honest Face
The brain decides whether an unfamiliar face is trustworthy, even before it is consciously perceived.
Up Close: Susan Greenfield: Fifty shades of grey matter
Neuroscientist and synaptic pharmacologist Prof Baroness Susan Greenfield discusses how neuroscience sheds light on our understanding of consciousness.
Feature: How half our brain keeps watch when we sleep in unfamiliar places
Poor sleep in an unfamiliar setting may be linked to an important function of the brain to protect the sleeper from potential danger.
Feature: A Scientist’s Defense of Free Will
Why scientists should not jump to the unwarranted conclusion that free will is just an illusion.