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Articles related to complementary medicine

The Bitter Pill: When ARTG and CAM Spell SFA
Recent moves to improve the regulation of alternative medicines looked promising until the Therapeutic Goods Administration caved under pressure from the industry.
The Bitter Pill: Cap, Gown and Wand
Are there any good arguments for teaching complementary medicines in tertiary institutions?
The Bitter Pill: Is Complementary Medicine a Valid Alternative?
How can we compare the evidence base behind conventional and complementary medicine?
The Bitter Pill: Too Open to Ideas?
Why do intelligent people believe incredible things? Psychological studies suggest that the answer may lie in personality type rather than any measure of intelligence.
The Bitter Pill: How Charles Darwin Was Cured by Water
The “water cure” relieved Charles Darwin of periods of nausea, but why didn’t it work at home?
The Bitter Pill: Getting to the Bottom of Colon Cleansing
Colonic cleansing has persisted as an alternative therapy for centuries despite a lack of evidence.
The Bitter Pill: Needless Treatment of Pets
The emergence of complementary and alternative medicine in veterinary clinics is a serious threat to animal welfare and the reputation of veterinarians.
The Bitter Pill: Everything You’ve Heard about Acupuncture Is Wrong
Acupuncture is often cited as an effective alternative method of treating a range of ailments, but few people are aware of the origins, philosophies and contradictions involved.
The Bitter Pill: “Integrative Medicine” Has No Place in Universities
With their financial resources under threat, Australia’s universities need to resist the temptation of offering lucrative courses that rebadge complementary therapies as “integrative medicine”.
The Bitter Pill: Prevention or Pretension?
When the great Dutch scholar Erasmus famously wrote that “prevention is better than cure” around 500 years ago, he didn’t exactly have orthomolecular medicine and high colonics in mind.
The Bitter Pill: Follow the Money
The Chinese government is behind efforts to promote Traditional Chinese Medicine despite its lack of evidence.
Cool Careers: Scientist Survives The SLAPP
Ken Harvey risked expensive litigation to fight the promoters of SensaSlim weight loss products.
Publish or Perish: A Scientist in Wonderland
A review of Edzard Ernst's autobiography.
Quandary: When Do We Become Autonomous?
It’s more important for a child to live to become an autonomous adult than to die to defend her mother’s prejudices against medicine.