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Articles related to coal

Browse: Coal Shipping Threat to Great Barrier Reef Browse: Carbon Capture Stimulated by UV Light
If the coal industry has a future in a carbon-constrained world, its saviour may be a form of solar power.
Browse: Coal Power Stations Disrupt Regional Rainfall Expert Opinion: Hazelwood coal fire health impacts
The Victorian government may announce a partial evacuation of residents from the smoke-affected town of Morwell. Australian experts comment on the health impacts of coal fires.
Lowe Tech: White Washing Energy Policy
The draft energy white paper would have looked out of date 25 years ago, when we already knew about the problems of “peak oil” and climate change.
Lowe Tech: Concern at Emissions and Health Impacts of Coal
The expansion of coal seam gas operations could eventually produce as much greenhouse gas as all the cars on the road in Australia.
Lowe Tech: University’s Share Portfolio Makes Coal Industry Dirty
Selling shares in fossil fuel companies may seem an ethical choice but it may equally be sound investment practice.
Lowe Tech: Double-speak on Coal
The Turnbull government’s support for the coal industry relies on twisted logic.
Lowe Tech: Lift-off for Space Agency
The re-establishment of an Australian space agency is expected to generate billions of dollars after decades of neglect of the sector.
Lowe Tech: Investment in Renewables Is Burying Coal
Politicians lobbying for more coal-fired power stations are defying the preference for renewables by both consumers and investors.
Simon Says: Is Gas Really Better Than Coal?
Despite the best current knowledge and intentions we could be accelerating climate change.