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Articles related to climate science

Feature: Australia’s Role in the 2011 Global Carbon Sink Anomaly
How did Australia’s vegetation cause a sudden and massive increase in uptake of atmospheric CO2 in 2011, and why did sea levels fall in the same year?
Up Close: Sedimental journey: Probing climate's buried past to predict our future
Paleoclimatologist Prof Jonathan Overpeck describes how research into uncovering the earth’s climate history generates important insights about our climate future.
Up Close: Whatever happened to the ozone hole? Lessons in timely action to avert global disaster
Atmospheric scientists Prof David Karoly and Dr Robyn Schofield discuss the hole in the ozone layer over the Antarctic, and what effect timely global action taken in 1987 seems to have had in reversing ozone degradation.
Up Front: CSIRO Weathers a New Storm
CSIRO’s climate scientists are used to being gagged and bound, but now they have also been thrown overboard.