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Articles related to chemotherapy

Browse: Less Chemotherapy for Some Breast Cancers
A new combination of chemotherapy and radiotherapy has had 100% success in stopping the spread of a particularly aggressive form of breast cancer in mice.
Browse: Carrots and Parsley Assist Chemotherapy
New Zealand researchers have identified compounds in carrots and parsley that may lead to more effective delivery of chemotherapy treatments.
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Feature: Magnetic Medicine
Magnetic fields could soon be used to direct drugs made with nano-sized balls of iron that take chemotherapy directly to tumours, thereby completely removing the side-effects usually associated with treatment.
Feature: New Blood
Chemotherapy takes a huge toll on the immune system, but new research into blood stem cell proliferation could improve the recovery of patients.
Browse: Anti-Nausea Drug Fights Tumours
A drug used to fight nausea associated with chemotherapy also reduces brain tumours, both in vitro and in mouse models.