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Articles related to careers

Feature: Future-Proofing Students
Ten partnerships are piloting an innovative program that provides high school students with an industry-supported pathway to a STEM-related qualification.
Feature: Scientists at Breaking Point
Australian researchers are finding their careers more difficult to manage, with job security, uncertainty of funding and workload at the top of their concerns.
Browse: Scientists Love Work but Fear Cuts
A survey by Nature has found that scientists are satisfied with their work but are disturbed by the way the global financial crisis (GFC) has affected research budgets.
Browse: Girl Shortage in IT Jobs
conSCIENCE: Science in a Fluoro Jacket
Contrary to common perception, most working scientists are not “researchers” and don’t work for public institutions.
conSCIENCE: Jobs of the Future: The Known Unknown
The digital revolution is having a profound impact on the workforce. Increasing skills in science, technology, engineering and maths is not optional.
Directions: How to Address the Engineering Shortage
Shaping the future of a thriving Australia means addressing the national opportunity cost by building engineering capacity.
Directions: We Need to Come to Terms with Unconscious Bias
Training that increases our awareness of unconscious bias is useful but insufficient.
Fossil File: So You Wanna Become a Palaeontologist, Kid?
Some career advice for young people to get a start in palaeontology.
Fossil File: Getting a Palaeontology Job in Australia
Australia’s funding system disadvantages students attempting to turn their palaeontology studies into a career.
Lowe Tech: Researchers Frustrated by Career Prospects
A new survey finds that researchers like their work but are frustrated by limited career paths.
Lowe Tech: Engineering Numbers Aren’t Adding Up
Our universities aren’t producing enough engineers to meet demand, and gender balance remains an issue.
Online Feature: Expert culture has killed the innovator in workplaces