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Browse: Toad-Proof Fence
Credit: Johan Larson/Adobe
Feature: Genetic “Backburning” Can Stop Cane Toads
Could the cane toad’s march through the Kimberley be stopped in its tracks by introducing less-dispersive toads ahead of the invasion front?
cane toad
Feature: Tolerate Thy Neighbour
Cane toads have been wiping out native species, but one fish species has learnt to avoid toxic toadpoles.
Browse: Cane Toads Are Their Own Worst Enemy
An alarm pheromone released by cane toads could be the key to their control.
Eco Logic: The Feasibility of a Cane Toad Barrier
Preventing the spread of cane toads into Western Australia’s Pilbara could cost less than $100,000 per year.