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Articles related to bushfire

Browse: An Explosive Way to Fight Bushfires
Fire is a key part of ecosystems in the Mallee. Credit: Peter Teasdale
Cover Story: Pyrodiversity vs Biodiversity
New research challenges conventional wisdom that the creation of a diverse mosaic of fire histories benefits biodiversity.
Browse: Extreme Fires to Increase Browse: WA Cyclone Led to Black Saturday Bushfires
Cyclones on the opposite side of the continent can increase the intensity of heat waves over South Australia, Victoria and Tasmania, but only when they occur in a particular zone, a paper in Geophysical Research Letters has revealed.
Feature: The Future of Frogs in the Face of Fire
The increasing risk of bushfires due to climate change is escalating the risk of extinction for frogs in Australia’s south-east.
Browse: Cause of Native Mammal Declines in Northern Australia Revealed
Eco Logic: Burning Questions for Black Cockatoos
Fire management around Perth may hold the key to the future of an endangered cockatoo.
Lowe Tech: Bushfire Research Burnt
The discontinuance of funding for the Bushfire CRC is a prime example of bureaucratic myopia.
Out of this World: Siding Spring Observatory Survives Fire Threat
Most of Australia stood mesmerised in January as a fire raged across the Warrumbungle National Park in NSW, which is home to Australia’s world-class optical and infrared telescopes at Siding Spring Observatory.
Online Feature: Logging does not cause ‘tipping points’ for Mega Fires
An alternative view to a report published in Australasian Science last month.