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Browse: Federal Budget 2014: a snapshot for science
A list of some key science-related Budget announcements
Directions: Steady Budget for Science and Technology
Science and Technology wins and losses in the 2017 Federal Budget.
Expert Opinion: Federal Budget 2013 – experts respond
Experts address how the latest announcements will impact on science, the Murray Darling Basin and the Great Barrier Reef.
Expert Opinion: Federal Budget 2014-15
Experts address how the latest announcements will impact on research, health and science.
Expert Opinion: Federal Budget 2016
The Federal Budget announced an additional $100 million for geographical modelling of mineral, petroleum and groundwater resources, and $200 million over 10 years for Antarctic research. However, there were no direct budget measures relating to CSIRO.
Expert Opinion: Federal Budget 2017-18
Experts comment on how the 2017-18 Federal Budget will impact research, health and science.
Expert Opinion: What the Federal Budget Means for Science
Experts comment on how the 2018-19 Federal Budget will impact research, health and science.
Pockley's Point: Budget Analysis
Chief Scientist Ian Chubb scores for science education.
Online Feature: On academic efficiency and the 2013 federal budget
One of the casualties of the 2013 federal budget is the university sector.
Online Feature: Budget defers renewable energy development when it's needed most
The decision to link the Australia’s carbon price to the European Union emissions trading scheme has wiped A$6 billion from the federal budget.
Online Feature: The state of Australia: science innovation and research
In the lead up to the federal budget, the story of crisis has been hammered home. How is Australia's science and innovation faring?
Online Feature: Federal Budget 2014: health experts react
The Abbott government has announced a A$20 billion medical research “future fund”, to help discover what Treasurer Joe Hockey calls the “cures of the future”, paid for with money generated as a result of major changes to health policy.
Online Feature: Budget 2014: there's more to science than medical research
Apart from the medical research fund, almost all other news for research and education is bleak.
Online Feature: Judgement day for Abbott on science and research funding
This Budget lacks any overall long-term strategy for science.
Online Feature: Budget 2017: government goes hard on gas and hydro in bid for energy security Online Feature: The 2017 budget has axed research to help Australia adapt to climate change