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Articles related to black holes

Browse: Black Holes Behave Browse: Our Galaxy’s Black Hole Is Not As Deadly As First Thought
Feature: The Milky Way’s Supermassive Black Hole: A Harbinger of Doom?
Contrary to popular belief, new work from an Australian-led study suggests that supermassive black holes may not be starving galaxies like the Milky Way to death.
Browse: Astronomers Find Evidence of “Missing Link” Black Hole
Browse: Black Hole Reveals the Corkscrew Nature of Light
Cover Story: How You Can Weigh Black Holes
The largest invisible monsters in our universe are hidden at the centres of galaxies, and we can predict how massive they are by the shape of spiral arms in their host galaxies. Here’s how you can take part in a global “citizen science” census of black holes.
Credit: vchalup/adobe
Feature: Black Death
A new study suggests that some galaxies suddenly stop forming stars because the gas they use for star formation is blown away by the activity of their central supermassive black holes.
Browse: Black Holes’ Unexpected Ratio
The relationship between the size of a black hole and the size of the galaxy in which it is located has been recast by research published in The Astrophysical Journal.
Out of this World: Galactic Dinosaurs Aren’t Extinct
Astronomers have found that compact massive galaxies that roamed the early universe have been hiding in plain sight.
Out of this World: A New Spin on Star-Forming Galaxies
Astronomers calculate that black holes at the heart of galaxies could swell to 50 billion times the mass of the Sun, and determine why some galaxies are “clumpy” rather than spiral in shape.
Out of this World: A Habitable Planet May Be Just Around The Corner
Astronomers have discovered the closest habitable planet outside our solar system, and discovered one of the biggest black holes ever.