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Browse: A Hungry Black Hole Browse: Black Hole Makes “String of Pearls” Clusters
Huge young star clusters resembling a string of pearls around a black hole in the centre of a galaxy 120 million light-years away have been discovered in the constellation of Orion.
Browse: Mid-sized Black Hole Found
The first intermediate-sized black hole has had its status confirmed in Science.
Browse: Twin Black Holes
Theories about the evolution of globular clusters are being revised with the unexpected discovery of two black holes close to the centre of M22, a bright cluster located near the galactic bulge in Sagittarius.
Browse: A Black Hole’s Afterburn
A Black Hole’s Afterburn
Browse: Most Massive Merger of Binary Black Holes Detected
Expert Opinion: Gravitational Waves Detected
Australian astronomers involved in the detection of gravitational waves discuss the significance of the discovery
Out of this World: Black Holes Grow Fat by Eating Stars
News from the space and astronomy communities around the world.
Out of this World: Dusty Surprise around Giant Black Hole
The European Southern Observatory’s Very Large Telescope Interferometer has gathered the most detailed observations ever of the dust around the huge black hole at the centre of an active galaxy.
Out of this World: Dwarf Galaxy Could Be an Ejected Black Hole
Astronomers have observed what could be a massive black hole that has been ejected into space after two galaxies collided.
Online Feature: Black holes might exist, but let’s stay sceptical
Peruse the astrophysical literature and you could be forgiven for thinking black holes exist. But do they really?