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Feature: Like, Comment, Share: Should You Share Your Genetic Data Online?
The culture of sharing our private details online is extending to health and ancestry data generated by genome testing. What are the benefits and what are the risks?
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Feature: What Happened to Privacy?
What we search, browse, like, friend, tag, tweet and buy enables Big Data to automatically work out what we’re doing, when, where and with whom. Is privacy already dead, and should we care?
Feature: Why Personal Data Breaches Are a Growing Problem
While most people whose online data have been compromised report little or no financial consequences, the overall cost runs into trillions of dollars even before the loss of trust in e-commerce is factored in.
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Feature: Big Data for Big Astronomy
The Square Kilometre Array will generate huge amounts of data. Can computing capacity keep up?
Quandary: I Recognise Your Face
Legislation for opt-in face recognition is essential despite the protests of companies like Google and Facebook.
Up Front: Cold Case for a National Genetic Database
If we won’t share our medical history across the health system, it’s hard to see Australians handing over their genetic profile.