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Curious Kids: How do glasses help you see?

Glasses help people to see by focusing light onto the retina. Marcella Cheng/The Conversation, CC BY-NC-ND

This is an article from Curious Kids,

Originally published in The Conversation.

Looking at the universe through very different 'eyes'

The Small Magellanic Cloud galaxy here seen in infrared light, but it looks different when viewed at other wavelengths. ESA/NASA/JPL-Caltech/STScI

We are bathed in starlight.

Originally published in The Conversation.

The terrible toll tennis can take on top players who play too much

Much of the tennis world was looking to the 2018 Australian Open to be the story of comebacks.

Although some players have returned to start their season at the Australian Open, others have not. Five-time Australian Open finalist Andy Murray was the biggest name among the early withdrawals.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Looking up a century ago, a vision of the future of space exploration

A statue of Konstantin Tsiolkovsky in Moscow, Russia. Shutterstock/VLADJ

In the early years of the 20th century a Russian scientist – now known as the father of astronautics and The Conversation.

Ethical design is the answer to some of social media’s problems

Many of the challenges faced by social media companies come down to failures of design.

Facebook last week The Conversation.

Minecraft teaches kids about tech, but there’s a gender imbalance at play

More than 120 million copies of Minecraft have been sold. Mojang AB

Arguments about “screen time” are likely to crop up in many households with children these holidays.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Australia's coastal living is at risk from sea level rise, but it's happened before

Australia's coastline has moved before thanks to changes in sea level. Flickr/Travellers travel photobook, CC BY

With global sea levels expected to The Conversation.

The stories behind Aboriginal star names now recognised by the world's astronomical body

Milky Way star map by Bill Yidumduma Harney, Senior Wardaman Edler. Bill Yidumduma Harney, CC BY

Four stars in the night sky have been formally recognised by their Australian A

Originally published in The Conversation.

It's time to get ready for augmented reality

WayRay’s holographic AR device displays information tailored to drivers and passengers. WayRay

The world’s largest annual consumer technology show — CES 2018 in Las Vegas — ends today and some of the most exciting gadgets this year were on display in the aug

Originally published in The Conversation.

What the stats say: is Steve Smith the second-best Australian cricket batsman ever?

The Ashes may be over once again, but one of the biggest talking points during the cricket test series between Australia and England was the continued meteoric rise of Australian captain Steve Smith as a test batsman.

Originally published in The Conversation.