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A fleeting visit: an asteroid from another planetary system just shot past Earth

Tiny and very faint, this fast moving object (centre) was captured by astronomers as it passed through our Solar system. Queen's University Belfast

The discovery of The Conversation.

As a human, I don't do technology. I _am_ technology

Humans and their technologies have evolved together over time.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Why horse-racing in Australia needs a social licence to operate

Horse racing is enjoyed by many people, employs thousands of people but there are some concerns over the welfare of the horses. Shutterstock/Vladimir Hodac

Like or loathe horse-racing, there’s no avoiding Australia’s spring racing carnival.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Five steps Australia can take to build an effective space agency

What will it take to give Australia's space agency wings? Image from the opening ceremony at IAC2017.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Social media study points to a close result in the same-sex marriage vote

With just a few days to go before the postal vote closes on the same-sex marriage issue, there are plenty of strong opinions on all sides of the debate.

Our detailed study of the opinions expressed on Twitter shows the result could be a narrow defeat of the Yes campaign, with 49.17% support.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Not just about sex: throughout our bodies, thousands of genes act differently in men and women

In skin, muscle, fat and more tissues, genes behave differently in men and women.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Will technology take your job? New analysis says more of us are safer than we thought, but not all

By pathdoc shutterstock

We all want to know how many jobs will be threatened by the rise of robots and technology. You might feel vulnerable if your job is one that could be affected.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Curious Kids: Do worms have tongues?

Worms do have something in their mouth that they can poke out, like a tongue.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Oral testimony of an Aboriginal massacre now supported by scientific evidence

A cross was erected during the 1996 remembering ceremony of the Sturt Creek massacre. Pam Smith, Author provided

For almost 100 years, the Aboriginal people of the Kutjungka Region in southeast Kimberley, Western Australia, have reported throu

Originally published in The Conversation.

Eight reasons not to be spooked by spiders this Halloween

Halloween spiders. Flickr/Scott McLeod , CC BY

Spiders are a traditional part of a Halloween scare and for some people they have been a source of fear for years.

Originally published in The Conversation.