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Ambae volcano's crater lakes make it a serious threat to Vanuatu

If you turned on the television this week, you may have seen coverage of the potentially imminent eruption of Mount Agung volcano in Bali.

However, Mt Agung is not the only volcano in the region behaving badly. An evacuation of 10,000 residents in Vanuatu has been announced thanks to increasing levels of activity at Ambae volcano.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Dear diary: the Sun never set on the Arctic Mars simulation

Anastasiya (left) and myself working on the Haughton crater rim. Mars Society, Author provided

Jonathan Clarke has just returned from another mission to simulate life on Mars.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Initial Coin Offerings are disrupting how startups are funded – but what are they?

ICOs: a new way of funding innovation nomading/Shutterstock

A rapidly growing number of companies are taking advantage of cryptocurrencies to raise massive amounts of funding

Originally published in The Conversation.

Cycling and politics: Australia’s World Road Championships selection controversy

Sport and politics don’t mix, as the saying goes. But like many of those sayings that work in theory, in reality, it’s untrue.

Take Australian cycling, for instance. Politics has been a part of the sport ever since the arrival of money and trophies. The disputes date back to the late 1800s, when amateur and professional cycling bodies started competing for control.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Reach for the sky: why safety must rule as tall buildings aim higher

Q1 on the Gold Coast is currently Australia's tallest building. Flickr/Ben Low, CC BY-NC-ND

Australia’s tallest building is currently the Gold Coast’s

Originally published in The Conversation.

Gravitational Waves arrive in Europe

A 3-kilometre-long arm of the Virgo detector at the European Gravitational Observatory.

Originally published in The Conversation.

From tourism to terrorists, fast-moving space industries create new ethical challenges

Medical data from space tourists will be fascinating, but is it ethical?

Originally published in The Conversation.

Giant marsupials once migrated across an Australian Ice Age landscape

An impression of what it could have looked like: a giant lizard, Megalania, stalks a herd of migrating Diprotodon, while a pair of massive megafaunal kangaroos look on. Laurie Beirne, Author provided

Australia was once home to a giant prehistoric Ice Age marsupial related

Originally published in The Conversation.

Kia ora: how Māori borrowings shape New Zealand English

Borrowings from the indigenous Māori language are so common that visitors to New Zealand are greeted in Māori as soon as they arrive. Sinead Leahy, CC BY-SA

New Zealand English is one of the youngest dialects of English.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Don't be distracted by an SMS in the same-sex marriage survey debate

Ding, another text message – this time not from a friend or work, but from the marriage equality campaign. An SSM SMS.

Originally published in The Conversation.