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Netflix's The Social Dilemma highlights the problem with social media, but what's the solution?


Facebook has responded to Netflix documentary The Social Dilemma, saying it “buries the

Originally published in The Conversation.

Do Twitter bots spread vaccine misinformation? Research shows it's not that simple

Discussion of online misinformation in politics and public health often focuses on the role of bots, organised disinformation campaigns and “fake news”. A closer look at what typical users see and engage with about vaccines reveals that for most Twitter users, bots and anti-vaccine content make up a tiny proportion of their information diet.

Originally published in The Conversation.

We discovered a missing gene fragment that's shedding new light on how males develop


It’s one of the most important genes in biology: “Sry”, the gene that makes males male. Development of the sexes is a crucial step in sexual reproduction and is essential for the survival of almost all animal species.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Facebook is merging Messenger and Instagram chat features. It's for Zuckerberg's benefit, not yours

Facebook Messenger and Instagram’s direct messaging services will be integrated into one system, Facebook has announced.

The merge will allow shared messaging across both platforms, as well as video calls and the use of a range of tools drawn from both platforms. It’s currently being rolled out across countries on an opt-in basis, but hasn’t yet reached Australia.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Buried lakes of salty water on Mars may provide conditions for life

ESA / DLR / FU Berlin, CC BY-NC-SA

In 2018 a team of Italian scientists announced to the world that there was a The Conversation.

Airports, ATMs, hospitals: Microsoft Windows XP leak would be less of an issue, if so many didn't use it


The source code of the Windows XP operating system is now circulating online as a huge 43GB mega-dump.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Curious Kids: could our entire reality be part of a simulation created by some other beings?

Unsplash, CC BY-SA

Is it possible the whole observable universe is just a thing kept in a container, in a room where there are some other extraterre

Originally published in The Conversation.

Government's $800m Digital Business plan will let you access myGov with facial recognition

An A$800 million JobMaker Digital Business Plan has been released this week to support economic recovery in the wake of COVID-19. Treasurer Josh Frydenberg said the package is:

targeted at building on this digital transformation of Australian businesses to drive productivity and income growth and create jobs.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Rocky icebergs and deep anchors – new research on how planetary forces shape the Earth's surface


Have you ever wondered why the Earth’s surface is separated into two distinct worlds – the oceans and large tracts of land?

Originally published in The Conversation.

There's no single gene for left-handedness. At least 41 regions of DNA are involved


Most people consistently use the same hand to do tasks that require skill and control such as writing or threading a needle.

Originally published in The Conversation.