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New research shows that Antarctica's largest floating ice shelf is highly sensitive to warming of the ocean

Since the last ice age, the ice sheet retreated over a thousand kilometres in the Ross Sea region, more than any other region on the continent. Rich Jones, CC BY-ND

Scientists have long been con

Originally published in The Conversation.

Eye-opening discovery: 54 million year old fossil flies yield new insight into the evolution of sight

Eyes surprise: fossil eyes from a 54 million year old cranefly. Lindgren et al./Nature

Fossilised flies that lived 54 million years ago have revealed a surprising twist to the tale of how insects’ eyes evolved.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Regulating Facebook, Google and Amazon is hard given their bewildering complexity

Governments are attempting to regulate tech giants, but the digital disruption genie is already out of the bottle. Shutterstock

Back in the 1990s – a lifetime ago

Originally published in The Conversation.

Curious Kids: why don't people fall out of bed when they are sleeping?

Even when we are asleep, we can still feel if we are comfortable and our 'sixth sense' is working to let us know where we are in our beds. www.shuttershock.c

Originally published in The Conversation.

Here's how tech giants profit from invading our privacy, and how we can start taking it back

Your online activity can be turned into an intimate portrait of your life - and used for profit.

Australia’s consumer watchdog has recommended major

Originally published in The Conversation.

8chan's demise is a win against hate, but could drive extremists to the dark web

Don't mourn 8chan, but don't think online extremists aren't already taking their hate elsewhere.

The news that 8chan, the far-right online community allegedly home to mass shooting manifestos, has been effectively removed from the internet is cause for celebration, but sh

Originally published in The Conversation.

Meet the 'Hercules parrot' from prehistoric New Zealand – the biggest ever discovered

_Heracles inexpectatus_ on the forest floor, with three small wrens foraging at its feet. Brian Choo, Author provided

Say hello to Heracles inexpectatus, a parrot the size of a human child. But don’t worry, you won’t meet one face to face.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Curious Kids: why is air colder the higher up you go?

The air up high is just really bad at 'holding' onto the radiation coming from the Sun, and the warmth passes straight through it on its journey toward the ground. Kevin Spencer/flicr, The Conversation.

AI is here to stay. Now we need to ensure everyone benefits

Specialist machine learning and narrow AI could help us to start removing the "four Ds" - dirty, dull, difficult, dangerous - from our daily work. from, CC BY-ND

Originally published in The Conversation.