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Where are the missing gravitational waves?

A visualisation of gravitational waves emitted by two orbiting supermassive black holes. CSIRO, Author provided

Neutron stars – the dead stellar remnants of old, burned-out stars – are some of the most extrem

Originally published in The Conversation.

Should we treat chronic disease patients only if they agree to lifestyle monitoring?

keeping tabs Best Fitness Trackers

Being overweight and inactive are two of the major causes of chronic diseases The Conversation.

Snap: smartphones give dedicated digital cameras a run for their money

Smartphone cameras do have their uses but can they rival a traditional digital camera? Flickr/AshtonPal, CC BY-NC-ND

Apple’s recent offering of The Conversation.

Brains not brawn is the key to success in international rugby

Pushing for an advantage in a scrum in the Australia v Fiji game at the Rugby World Cup. Reuters\Rebecca Naden

Rugby union is a game that draws on players of all shapes and sizes, from the big and muscular forwards in the scrums, rucks and mauls, to the backs who need to be quick and fast on their feet.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Can you grow potatoes on Mars?

If you can grow potatoes here, why not on Mars? Helen Maynard-Casely, CC BY-SA

This is not as odd a question as it sounds, and by next week I reckon a good lot of you will be pondering it. Why?

Originally published in The Conversation.

Technology will play a starring role in Australia's future story

Broadband is one of the technologies that will feature heavily in Australia's future.

The new Turnbull government, which admirably seems to take a genuine interest in science and technology, has arrived just in time: Australia can no longer afford to not fully engage with new technologies. But which ones should it embrace?

Originally published in The Conversation.

Publish or perish culture encourages scientists to cut corners

Which of these researchers has fudged their results to get ahead? wavebreakmedia

Last week there was another very public case of a journal article being retracted as a result of The Conversation.

The war on online advertising is intensifying, and the ads are losing

Adblocking software has online advertising in retreat.

A new front in the war against online advertising has opened up with the official release of Apple’s latest mobile operating system, iOS 9.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Want your kids to learn another language? Teach them code

Coding: it's just another language to learn at school. Flickrabg_colegio, CC BY


Originally published in The Conversation.

Two visions of the 'new economy' collide where people and technology intersect

WikiHouse is one example of the technology-driven new economy, which focuses on people rather than profits. WikiHouse, CC BY

In Sydney in September, Naomi Klein spoke passionately about how climate c

Originally published in The Conversation.