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My robot Valentine: could you fall in love with a robot?

Can a robot really feel and express emotions such as love? Shutterstock/Charles Taylor

Imagine it’s Valentine’s Day and you’re sitting in a restaurant across the table from your significant other, about to start a romantic dinner.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Violence against women: does technology do more harm than good?

Technology can be used to abuse or harass women, but it can help them too. Shutterstock

Federal MP Tim Watts spoke in parliament on Monday about the ways in which new technologies are being used to stalk, inti

Originally published in The Conversation.

Where aid fails, appropriate technology can succeed

Even something as simple as a water pump might not work if it requires parts or power not readily available where it's installed. The Conversation.

Robots in health care could lead to a doctorless hospital

Would you trust your child's health to a robot surgeon? Shutterstock/magicinfoto

Imagine your child requires a life-saving operation. You enter the hospital and are confronted with a stark choice.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Asia is the gift that keeps on giving in prehistory

The Siwalik sandstone complex taken in the city of Jawalamukhi, Northern India. Photo courtesy of Dr.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Raising Lady Gaga-ntuan and her (hopefully) world record breaking young

It’s not often you get to raise a clutch of stick insects that can grow to nearly 60cm long. But I was given the rare privilege of doing so recently when I nursed the batch of eggs laid by the longest Australian phasmid, Ctenomorpha gargantua, nicknamed “Lady Gaga-ntuan”.

Originally published in The Conversation.

CSIRO needs to tackle the impact of climate change following its jobs shake-up

CSIRO still needs to focus on preventing the impact of climate change, such as drought, in Australia. CSIRO/Atmospheric Research, CC BY

Given recent history, A

Originally published in The Conversation.

Cyclists: What will you do about doping now?

The use of banned drugs and substances and other prohibited practices – doping – has been a problem at the elite levels of cycling for a very long time. There is evidence now that doping happens in amateur levels of cycling too.

Originally published in The Conversation.

The long hunt for new objects in our expanding solar system

Artist's impression: Looking back 12.9-billion km towards the sun and the inner solar system from Sedna, one of the recently discovered minor planets in the Kuiper belt. NASA, ESA and Adolf Schaller

Recognise these planet names: Vulcan, Neptune

Originally published in The Conversation.