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How we trace the hackers behind a cyber attack

The fingerprints might indicate China, but that's not so easy to prove. Shutterstock

The Chinese military has been imputed for the recent cyber attack on the Australian Bureau of Meteorology (The Conversation.

The technology in science fiction is not always what we want in the real world

It's okay in science fiction but not in real life: A robot (Robin Williams, left) who dreams of becoming human in the movie Bicentennial Man. AAP/Touchstone Pictures

Our expectations of technology in the real world are often fed by our perception of science fiction content.

Originally published in The Conversation.

My genes made me do it: the problem of genetic evidence and diminished culpability

Is he really guilty if he had a genetic predisposition towards impulsive behaviour? Shutterstock

There have been recent high-profile claims suggesting genetics and neuroscience are set to radically change the way we think about crime and punishment.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Five reasons we should embrace gene-editing research on human embryos

Future people would be grateful if their disease is cured, rather than being replaced by a different healthier or non-disabled person. sabianmaggy/Flickr, CC BY-SA

Scientists from arou

Originally published in The Conversation.

Debate on whether we should use gene-editing technology is far from black and white

The real question is not whether gene editing should be allowed or banned, but how it should be regulated. shutterstock

Arguments in favour of embracing gene editing focus on how it can deliver cheap tre

Originally published in The Conversation.

New dwarfism drug shows how innovation can be done well

A new treatment for achondroplasia is helping to transform many kids' lives. Author provided

Sara was born on a rainy Sunday, the first child to her adoring and overwhelmed parents. Her mother’s pregnancy had been uneventful, and all their antenatal tests normal.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Anglers have helped detect a shift in the habitat of black marlin

Catching black marlin is big business on Australia's east coast. Authors, Author provided

We know that climate change is driving The Conversation.

Why we can trust scientists with the power of new gene-editing technology

Gene editing allows us to eliminate any misspellings, introduce beneficial natural variants, or perhaps cut out or insert new genes.

Originally published in The Conversation.