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A code of ethics in IT: just lip service or something with bite?

What's to prevent an IT worker doing something against the public's interest? Shutterstock/oneinchpunch

The emissions scandal that has rocked the car maker Volkswagen has again raised the issue of The Conversation.

Your phone and watch could warn you of deadly heart problems. So why don't they?

Fitbit and Apple Author

The heart rate measurement feature in the Apple Watch was intended as an aid to those using the device during exercise sessions.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Nobel Prize in Chemistry highlights how our bodies can repair our fragile DNA

Tomas Lindahl, pictured here in the lab, along with Paul Modrich and Aziz Sancar, received the Nobel Prize for Chemistry. EPA/FACUNDO ARRIZABALAGA

DNA is the fundamental building block of life.

Originally published in The Conversation.

How a one night stand in the Ice Age affects us all today

Reconstruction of a Neanderthal man in a modern suit, at the Neanderthal Museum. Einsamer Schütze via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY-SA

Over the past half decade, ancient DNA res

Originally published in The Conversation.

From 'Huh?' to 'Who?': the universal utterances that keep us talking

Say again? Flickr/Demo, CC BY-NC-ND

There’s more to our discovery that every language appears to have the word “Huh?”, or at least something th

Originally published in The Conversation.

Venus encounters the moon before dawn

The crescent moon and Venus often make a pretty sight together in the sky. Phil Plait/flickr, CC BY-SA

Before sunrise this Friday, October 9, Venus will briefly hide beh

Originally published in The Conversation.

The man behind the Nobel Prize in Physics on neutrinos and their mass

Japanese physicist Takaaki Kajita after he won the 2015 Nobel Prize in Physics, along with Arthur B McDonald of Canada. EPA Franck Robichon

Congratulations to Japan’s Takaaki Kajita and Canada’s Arthur B McDonald for winning this year’s Nobel Pr

Originally published in The Conversation.

How you can help scientists track how marine life reacts to climate change

This common lionfish (_Pterois volitans_) was sighted more than 200km further south than expected down the NSW coast by 14-year-old scuba diver Georgia Poyner.

Originally published in The Conversation.

What Australia can learn about e-government from Estonia

Tallinn might be a medieval town, but it's governed via 21st century means. TausP./Flickr, CC BY-NC-ND

Australia’s new prime minister, Malcolm Turnbull, has announced what he calls a “21st century government”.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Deep water: a new technology probes Sydney's groundwater for the first time

It's impossible to know the quality of our groundwater unless we test it. WaterNSW

Groundwater is an essential resource that provides drinking water to billions of people around the world.

Originally published in The Conversation.