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Two visions of the 'new economy' collide where people and technology intersect

WikiHouse is one example of the technology-driven new economy, which focuses on people rather than profits. WikiHouse, CC BY

In Sydney in September, Naomi Klein spoke passionately about how climate c

Originally published in The Conversation.

Selling sex in music videos and Video Music Awards

What's she trying to sell? EPA/PAUL BUCK

That most confected of artificial television spectacles, the MTV Video Music Awards has mercifully passed for another year.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Mauna a Wakea: Hawai'i's sacred mountain and the contentious Thirty Meter Telescope

A visualisation of the planned Thirty Meter Telescope atop Mauna Kea. TMT

Plans to build a new telescope on Mauna Kea in Hawai'i have led to months of protests and arrests, The Conversation.

Turnbull's choice of communications minister will shape the NBN's future

Malcolm Turnbull has already worked hard on the NBN as Communications Minister, but who will he appoint as his replacement? AAP Image/Lukas Coch

The current Treasurer Joe Hockey’s name has been The Conversation.

Does Tinder's new 'Super Like' make you look too keen?

Tinder introduces the new 'Super Like' -- should you 'swipe up'? Eileen Chu and Stefano Verrelli, Author provided

In the search for love, the conventional wisdom would have us believe that The Conversation.

Why Facebook needs to do more to protect you from online abuse

Facebook is trying to manage abuse and hate speech. mkhmarketing/Flickr, CC BY

It took some persuading, but Facebook has agreed to j

Originally published in The Conversation.

How we plan to bring dark matter to light

Dark matter is notoriously hard to detect, but a new experiment might finally shed light on this mysterious substance. Dirk Dallas/Flickr, CC BY-NC

Long before we had the atomic theory of

Originally published in The Conversation.

What it's like to be a woman working in science, and how to make it better

There are still barriers to overcome to keep more women in science. CIAT/Flickr, CC BY-SA

This Wednesday saw the launch of the Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) The Conversation.

Turnbull's 'agile' government borrows from his IT past

Malcolm Turnbull appears to have drawn on his tech background to shape his vision of government. AAP Image/Joe Castro

Malcolm Turnbull has had many high-profile careers, including as a barrister, merchant banker and aspiring media proprietor. By far his most lucrative, however, was in the IT industry.

Originally published in The Conversation.