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Found: 'lost' forests covering an area two-thirds the size of Australia

By Andrew Lowe and Ben Sparrow

A new global analysis of the distribution of forests and woodlands has “found” 467 million hectares of previously unreported forest – an area equivalent to 60% of the size of Australia. The Conversation

The discovery increases the known amount of global forest cover by around 9%, and will significantly boost estimates of how much carbon is stored in plants worldwide.

Budget 2017: government goes hard on gas and hydro in bid for energy security

By Hugh Saddler, Alan Pears, Roger Dargaville and Tony Wood

The budget contains several measures designed to boost energy security, including: The Conversation

  • A$90 million to expand gas supplies, partly through increased unconventional gas exploration

  • a potential Commonwealth buyout of an expanded Snowy Hydro scheme

  • up to A$110 million for a solar thermal plant at Port Augusta

Beware the hype – springy soles won’t make you run much faster

By Glen Lichtwark, Dominic Farris & Luke A Kelly

Most runners believe a good pair of running shoes is worth the investment. But advances in running shoe technology have sparked debate about whether shoes help you run faster. The Conversation

Junk food packaging hijacks the same brain processes as drug and alcohol addiction

By Bernd Weber

Food is important for our survival, which is why all living beings have developed an urge for high energy foods, like those high in sugar and fat. Historically, this hadn’t been an issue, as energy dense foods weren’t always as available as they are today. The Conversation

How 3D food printers could improve mealtimes for people with swallowing disorders

By Bronwyn Hemsley, Abbas Kouzani, Russell Oliver, Scott Adams, Stuart Palmer & Susan Balandin

The bark side: domestic dogs threaten endangered species worldwide

By Tim Doherty, Aaron J. Wirsing, Chris Dickman, Dale Nimmo, Euan Ritchie & Thomas Newsome

File 20170430 12979 apfd4b

A feral dog chasing a wild boar, Banni grasslands, India.
Chetan Misher/Facebook

Global Immunisation Constrained by Outdated Vaccine Delivery Systems

New research finds persistent stockouts and exposure to freezing are among problems in vaccine supply chains designed during an era with fewer childhood immunizations.

Snowy Hydro gets a boost, but 'seawater hydro' could help South Australia

By Roger Dargaville

The federal government has announced a A$2 billion plan to expand the iconic Snowy Hydro scheme. It will carry out a feasibility study into the idea of adding “pumped hydro” storage capacity, which it says could power up to 500,000 homes. The Conversation