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What's the benefit in making human-animal hybrids?

The red shows rat cells in the developing heart of a mouse embryo. Salk Institute

A team of scientists from the Salk Institute in the United States created a stir last week with the announcement that they had created hybrid human-pig foetuses.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Why we can't spin a silken yarn as strong as a spider can

If it's good enough for a spider, why can't we make such strong silk? Flickr/Petra Bensted, CC BY

Silk is a high performance protein-baed fibre that is naturally produced by inverteb

Originally published in The Conversation.

Listen up: a plan to help scientists get their research heard by decision-makers

It's important to get the research across to and understood by decision-makers. Shutterstock/

Many scientists are keen to communicate research they believe can help inform the decisions people make, from public opinion to the policy of our governments.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Shallow impact: when crackpot conspiracy theories are touted as news, we all lose

Dramatic. But also fictitious, like The Sun's article. Shutterstock

Humans are fascinated by potential disasters, legends or prophecies that promise the end of the world.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Know when to fold 'em: AI beats world's top poker players

Poker is a harder game for computers to master than chess or Go. Shutterstock

If you were about to start playing a game of online poker, you might want to think again. Humankind has just been beaten at yet another game, this time Heads-Up No-Limit Texas Hold’em poker.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Let's face it, first impressions count online

Same face, different impressions. Shutterstock/lipik

We live in an age where most of us have an online presence.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Facebook's support for USB security keys is a good move and one others should follow

Facebook access with Yubico Security Key Yubico

In an attempt to increase the security of online accounts, Facebook has added support for 2 factor authentication using USB security keys.

Originally published in The Conversation.

What is the Doomsday Clock and why should we keep track of the time?

It made headlines recently when the Doomsday Clock was shifted from three minutes to midnight to a new setting of two and a half minutes to midnight.

That is the nearest the clock has been to midnight for more than fifty years. The body responsible for the clock said

the probability of global catastrophe is very high, and the actions needed to reduce the risks of disaster must be taken very soon.

It should be an urgent warning to world leaders.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Welcome to Australia, a land of creatures out to kill you... maybe

Just another of Australia's creepy crawlies...

Originally published in The Conversation.

A Theory of Nothing: a novel approach to exposing how science really works

A work of fiction gives an interesting insight into the real world of science research. Shutterstock/Julija Sapic

Have you ever wondered what inspired the United States to initiate the mission to put a man on the Moon?

Originally published in The Conversation.