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Apple's new Touch Bar: a breakthrough or commonsense?

Apple’s MacBook Pro series is back in the media thanks to the comany’s announcement of the new “Touch Bar”.

Announced last Thursday, the Touch Bar uses retina display and multitouch technology to replace the MacBook Pro’s top row of static function keys.

It might seem like a simple idea, but it builds on a long history of research on what is referred to as “human–computer interaction”.

Originally published in The Conversation.

On HIV, Tiananmen Square and science

In light of the fact that the Australian government has announced its intention to place a lifetime visa ban on boat people who arrive here, and that in America one of the candidates for the US Presidency is revelling in denouncing the science behind climate change, a speech I gave to ANU graduates earlier this year seems

Originally published in The Conversation.

The cosmic crime-scene hunt for clues on how galaxies are formed

The Andromeda Galaxy.

How did large galaxies, like our own Milky Way and the nearby Andromeda Galaxy, emerge from the featureless soup that existed after The Conversation.

Twitter's live stream of the Melbourne Cup could change how we 'broadcast' sport

Now you can watch the race on Twitter. Flickr/Jupiter Firelyte, CC BY

The race that stops the nation, the Melbourne Cup, will this year be The Conversation.

No limits: can the new guidelines on kids and screens work?

New guidelines for screen time for children should make it easier for parents. Shutterstock/Nednapa Sopasuntorn

There are big changes for families in the new recommendations to guide children’s use of anything with a screen, such as computers, tablets, mobile phones, televisions and video games.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Questions still need answering in Australia's largest health data breach

Australian Red Cross Blood Service Australian Red Cross Blood Service

In what is Australia’s biggest data breach of medical information, more than 550,000 customers of the Australian Red Cross Blood Service had personal and medical details

Originally published in The Conversation.

Apple's new MacBook Pro models bring a new touch to the traditional keyboard

MacBook Pro featuring the Touch Bar Apple

Apple revealed 3 new models of their MacBook Pro range Thursday on the 25th anniversary of Apple’s first notebook.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Relax, the expansion of the universe is still accelerating

The expanding universe. Shutterstock/suns butterfly

There’s been a whirlwind of commentary of late speculating that the acceleration of the expanding universe The Conversation.

Cosmic coincidence: the International Space Station passes by Venus and Saturn

The International Space Station caught gliding across the starry sky. Paul Williams/flickr, CC BY-ND

Look west in the evening sky and Venus is almost impossible to mi

Originally published in The Conversation.

What the universe looks like when viewed with radio eyes

To the naked eye, the universe we can see on a clear night is dotted with thousands of stars, but what would it look like if human eyes could see radio waves?

Deep in the Western Australian outback a radio telescope is demonstrating just that by painting a picture of the cosmos in all the colours of the radio.

It’s called the Murchison Widefield Array (MWA), and over the past three years astronomers have used it to perform one of the largest sky surveys of all time, covering 90% of the southern sky.

Originally published in The Conversation.