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Digital diagnosis: How your smartphone or wearable device could forecast illness

Few health care professionals are currently tapping into smarthpone data to inform clinical decisions, but it could help. Shutterstock

What if you could forecast sickness,

Originally published in The Conversation.

Report recommends overhaul of My Health Record, but key changes not supported by Coalition

The opt-out period for My Health Record closes on November 15. Shutterstock

The Senate Standing Committee on Community Affairs The Conversation.

Curious Kids: Why do flies vomit on their food?

When a fly’s feeling hungry, it will land on its food and vomit out a mix of saliva and stomach acids. Wikimedia, CC BY-SA

Curious Kids is a series f

Originally published in The Conversation.

Some cybersecurity apps could be worse for privacy than nothing at all

Apple has removed several security tools from the Mac app store after they were found to be collecting unnecessary personal data. Shutterstock

It’s been a busy few weeks for cybersecurity researchers and reporters.

Originally published in The Conversation.

When Thailand and Australia were closer neighbours, tectonically speaking

The beaches of Koh Phangan are set within rocky crags made of granites, the type of rocks studied to piece Thailand to Australia. Romana Dew, Author provided

Thousands of Australians travel to Thailand each year to lie on a beach at Phuket, meditate at a Buddhist temple in

Originally published in The Conversation.

How rare minerals form when meteorites slam into Earth

Scientists working at the central peak of Gosses Bluff meteorite crater in Northern Territory.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Fighting frog fungus: Lee Berger wins PM's Life Scientist 2018 award

In 1998 Lee Berger identified a skin fungus as the cause of unexplained mass frog deaths.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Senate inquiry calls for tougher rules on pet food in Australia

Pet owners need to know the food they feed their pets is safe. Flickr/Tiomax, CC BY

Compulsory rules for the standards and labelling of pet food in Australia are among the r

Originally published in The Conversation.

Why R2D2 could be your child's teacher sooner than you think

While robots in classrooms are still very new, some early examples of success are emerging. Shutterstock

C3PO, R2D2 and Wall-E: three distinctly memorable robots that captured our hearts as they

Originally published in The Conversation.