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How video assistant referees could undermine on-field referees at the FIFA World Cup

Video-assistant referees (VAR) were introduced into the FIFA World Cup for the first time this year.

For those who haven’t been paying attention: VAR are a team of off-field officials who can replay and review video of on-field refereeing decisions – particularly those involving goals, goalscoring opportunities, and penalties.

Originally published in The Conversation.

How Australian universities can get better at cyber security

The Australian National University has been working with intelligence agencies to minimise the impact of a cyber attack on its systems. The Conversation.

How imagery and media coverage influence our empathy for strangers

Footage of 12 boys trapped in a cave system in Thailand has inundated our screens in recent days.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Curious Kids: Where do black holes lead to?

Nobody knows for sure where black holes lead to. Shutterstock

This is an article from Curious Kids, a series for children.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Robots can learn a lot from nature if they want to 'see' the world

'Seeing' through robot eyes. Shutterstock/TrifonenkoIvan

Vision is one of nature’s amazing creations that has been with us for hundreds of millions of years.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Time to honour a historical legend: 50 years since the discovery of Mungo Lady

It's been 50 years since the find of burnt bones in ancient soil, eroded from deep in shoreline dune in NSW. Jim Bowler, Author provided

WARNING: Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander readers should be aware that this article contains the images and names of

Originally published in The Conversation.

Driverless cars really do have health and safety benefits, if only people knew

Driverless cars promise many benefits for the future of driving, but who really understands? Shutterstock/pikselstock

Driverless cars promise many benefits, including an improvement in safety, but new research shows many people are still not aware of this.

Originally published in The Conversation.

How suppliers of everyday devices make you vulnerable to cyber attack – and what to do about it

Normal IT security practices might not protect you from malicious attacks that enter your system through everyday devices, such as USB keys.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Another day, another data breach – what to do when it happens to you

With so many reports of data breaches, it is easy to tune out to what is happening. Shutterstock

Reports of data breaches are an increasingly common occurrence.

Originally published in The Conversation.

Curious Kids: How do wormholes work?

The existence of wormholes is not forbidden by our current theories of the universe. So we can say that they do exist in theory.

Originally published in The Conversation.