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Who Has the Backbone to Stop This?

By Peter Bowditch

Chiropractors should not promote their services as an alternative to vaccination or treat children for conditions like autism and asthma.

Australia has an excellent health system. Many improvements could be made, but generally the mixture of public and private provision of health delivery and insurance, together with regulatory oversight, provides one of the best, if not the best, health care systems in the world.

Of Meridians and Mice

By Peter Bowditch

Research published recently in a reputable scientific journal suggests that acupuncture could have an analgesic effect on mice.

On a shelf next to the desk in my office there is a model of a dog. This is not just any old model, but is a model showing acupuncture points on the dog, and it came with a list of the points and what each point is associated with.

"Blasphemy" Comes Before "Science" in the Dictionary

Image of creation of Earth by God

Creationists believe that the Earth and the universe in which it sits are only about 6000 years old.

By Peter Bowditch

Could there be a greater abuse of both science and Christianity than creationism?

Some years ago Australian geologist Prof Ian Plimer wrote a book about creationism called Telling Lies for God. On a Sunday night when I had nothing better to do I went to a meeting where someone from the Answers in Genesis Ministry (now Creation Ministries International) did just that.

Misremembering the Past

By Peter Bowditch

It is quite simple to build false memories, even ones as serious as sexual abuse.

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Courts Immune to Anti-Vaccine Lobby

Girl receiving injection

The anti-vaccination lobby has been dealt some crucial blows in the US courts.

By Peter Bowditch

The anti-vaccination lobby has been dealt some crucial blows in the US courts.

Two days before Christmas last year, Barbara Loe Fisher of the National Vaccination Information Center (NVIC) sued Dr Paul Offit, journalist Amy Wallace and publisher Condé Nast because an article in Wired magazine had hurt her feelings by suggesting that she is sometimes careless about the truth.