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Jobs, Growth and... Science

By Guy Nolch

Early next month Australians will head to the election polls, and for once scientific issues have bubbled to the surface.

Both the Coalition and Labor have had their hands on the nation’s steering wheel recently enough to give a feel for how much each values science, but in the 25 years I’ve been covering science policy that value could have been likened to a Mother’s Day gift that’s been rewrapped and regifted on Father’s Day. That may well prove the case again, but for now CSIRO has been a bellwether.

Obesity Is Winning the Hunger Games

By Guy Nolch

Can a sugar tax save us if obesity has already permanently suppressed the satiety signals that tell us to stop eating?

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Defence Act Casts a Long Shadow

By Guy Nolch

The battle now shifts from public good to commercial research, as new Defence powers threaten a broad range of “dual-use” technologies.

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CSIRO Weathers a New Storm

By Guy Nolch

CSIRO’s climate scientists are used to being gagged and bound, but now they have also been thrown overboard.

The summer just ended has been torrid for many scientists. While some were sweating through the task of writing grant proposals to fund their research programs, an ill wind was blowing for CSIRO’s climate scientists.

An open letter to the Australian Government and CSIRO

Almost 3000 of the world's scientists have signed an open letter to the Australian government and the CSIRO in response to the cuts to CSIRO's climate research.

This open letter from the international climate community has been coordinated by Paul J. Durack (Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, USA) and Anna Pirani (ICTP, Italy). It is attached for download in full below.

CSIRO's Ideology Is Questionable

By Graeme Pearman

The decision to dismantle CSIRO's climate research underlines a shift in priorities from support of broad societal needs towards a focus on wealth generation.

CSIRO CEO Larry Marshall has decided to reduce his investment in climate research on the basis, notwithstanding the quality of the research, that the time has come to focus Australia's strategies on adapting to climate change. The assumption is that sufficient is known about how global warming will impact regional and local climate-related events so as to enable the confident development and deployment of adaptive efforts in anticipation of those threats.