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Rules of Engagement

Image of polar bear

Conserving large carnivores in the Northern Hemisphere is a major issue that researchers are having to deal with. The issues are different but the approaches are the same as those being pioneered in Australia. Credit: iStockphoto

By Prof Hugh Possingham

Approaches to conservation may differ around the world but the challenges are similar.

We are standing in the middle of a well-managed nature reserve looking at a ploughed field roughly planted with wheat. A few months ago it was a stand of native vegetation.

Below us is a coastal plain awash with huge fish ponds that teem with herons, egrets, storks and ibis – which are both pests and of conservation significance.

Prof Hugh Possingham is the Director of the Applied Environmental Decision Analysis centre at the University of Queensland.

Real Conservation Targets

By Hugh Possingham

We have a lot to learn from Swedish conservation efforts.