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Credit: Caleb Dawson
Feature: The Art of Science
The Walter and Eliza Hall Institute has created an exhibition of gorgeous images revealing biological processes such as breast and lung cancer, blood vessel development and embryogenesis.
Feature: Hypersonic Art
An artist with a passion for bringing the abstract and strange to life, Peter Hennessey has immersed himself in the world of hypersonics, and given researchers a fresh perspective about their work.
A pig painting and hand stencil from Leang Timpuseng.
Feature: Pigs, Popcorn and the Origins of Prehistoric Art
The discovery of 40,000-year-old cave paintings in Indonesia has changed our understanding of the origins of art and modern culture worldwide.
Feature: The Art of Science
This downloadable pictorial of biomedical images reveals biological processes such as a mammary gland during lactation, deadly parasites that resemble neon flowers, and what happens when you grow a lung in a laboratory.
Feature: The Art of the Periodic Table
To mark the 150th anniversary of the discovery of the Periodic Table, a STEM education centre is unveiling a permanent installation illustrating the birth of the universe through elements of significance.
Up Close: Radicals in the gallery: Scientists contend with nature's art vandals
Chemistry professor Carl Schiesser and art conservator Caroline Kyi discuss how understanding the effect of free radicals on pigment helps art galleries and museums preserve important works of art.
Up Close: Enquiry on exhibit: Enlisting art to help communicate science
Science historian and Science Gallery director Dr Michael John Gorman talks about how we can do better in communicating science to the public. He also describes how the Science Gallery, based at Trinity College Dublin, attracts a diverse audience by bringing together art and science.