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Articles related to animal welfare

Feature: Hacking the Illegal Trade in Wildlife
Hackers should be deployed to disrupt a $23 billion online market in wildlife and wildlife parts.
Feature: Do Fish Feel Pain?
If you want to know whether your pet goldfish can feel pain you had better look inside its head to see if it has the brains for it.
Feature: Fishy theories about pain in fish
There's more to sensory perception than the complexity of an animal's brain circuitry.
Feature: The Guts of the Captive Breeding Problem
The discovery that captivity affects the internal organs of animals has significant implications for their successful reintroduction to the wild.
Browse: There’s More to Hen Health than Housing Style
A comparison of chicken stress levels has found that other factors are more important than whether they are housed in cages or allowed to roam free.
Browse: Misbehaving Dogs Die Young
conSCIENCE: Primate Research Issues Migrate from West to East
Primate research is shifting to China where animal welfare protocols are less rigid.
conSCIENCE: Kangaroos Can Be an Asset Rather Than a Pest
Kangaroo harvesting is not a commercial option for landholders, resulting in greater animal welfare issues for the kangaroos that are culled on private land.
The Bitter Pill: What Is the Point of Veterinary Acupuncture?
While some misguided people try ineffective “therapies”, at least they can seek out other treatments if they don’t work. Not so the hapless pet.
Quandary: What If Computers Have Feelings, Too?
If software becomes intelligent, what are the ethics of creating, modifying and deleting it from our hard drives?
Quandary: Acting Absolutely Beastly
Charles Foster has tried to reconnect with the animal world by living as a badger, a fox, a swift, a deer and an otter.
Up Close: Contentedly caged? Researching the behaviour of animals in captivity
Doctoral students Sally Sherwen and Megan Verdon describe their investigations of animal behaviour in enclosures, from animals on display at the zoo, to pigs being bred for food.
Up Close: Fur and against: Scrutinizing the efficacy of animal testing and its alternatives
Toxicologist and pharmacologist Prof Thomas Hartung explains why animal testing is often unnecessary or of questionable efficacy. He discusses the emerging protocols and technologies that enable development of safe products without the need to conduct animal testing. Presented by Dr Dyani Lewis.
Up Close: Hello, Pet! Our love can hurt our animal friends
Bioethicist Peter Sandøe discusses our complicated relationship with animals and the associated moral dilemmas, including how our love for companion animals can actually cause harm and the difference between society’s treatment of pets and production animals.
Issues: Fox Baiting in Tasmania: What’s at Risk?
With careful attention to the science and planning, targeting foxes in a wildlife-rich environment can be a success.
Browse: A dog's colour could impact longevity, increase health problems