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Articles related to Alzheimer's disease

Browse: Inherited Alzheimer’s Damage Begins Decades before Symptoms
The progression of Alzheimer’s disease may actually slow once symptoms appear, according to a study investigating an inherited form of the disease.
Browse: MRI Predicts Risk of Alzheimer’s Disease
Feature: Stem Cells Short-Circuit Nerve Diseases
Brain stem cells can be stimulated to produce cells that insulate neurons, offering hope for patients with multiple sclerosis and Alzheimer’s disease.
Browse: Brain Plaques Don’t Indicate Alzheimer’s Onset
The debate about the causes of Alzheimer’s disease has turned again, with the publication in PLoS ONE of evidence that plaque only appears after memory loss has begun.
Browse: Blood Test for Alzheimer’s
A blood test providing prior warning of Alzheimer’s disease may be on its way following the identification of markers that signal the presence of beta-amyloid plaques in the brain.
Browse: Stroke Drug Alleviates Alzheimer’s
Up Close: Deferring dementia: Research efforts to keep Alzheimer’s at bay
Neurobiologist Prof Colin Masters explains current medical understanding of Alzheimer’s disease, and discusses ongoing research efforts towards delaying onset of this as yet incurable condition.
Up Close: Brains at risk: The curious link between strokes and Alzheimer’s disease
World authority on strokes and post-stroke care Prof Vladimir Hachinski discusses how strokes can amplify the effects of Alzheimer’s disease and vice versa, and how lifestyle factors can be protective against both.
Online Feature: Abnormal proteins imaged in concussed footballers' brains
Technique may lead to earlier diagnosis and tracking of brain disorders in athletes.
Expert Opinion: More evidence that Alzheimer's-like brain damage can be 'caught'
It is possible that amyloid beta pathology, a hallmark of Alzheimer's disease, can be transmitted through contaminated human growth hormone.