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Articles related to acupuncture

Browse: Acupuncture Evidence Misses the Point The Bitter Pill: Everything You’ve Heard about Acupuncture Is Wrong
Acupuncture is often cited as an effective alternative method of treating a range of ailments, but few people are aware of the origins, philosophies and contradictions involved.
The Bitter Pill: Evidence for Acupuncture: What Do Scientific Studies Show?
Advocates of acupuncture claim that it has been proven effective by scientific studies. Critics claim that it is only a placebo. They can’t both be right.
The Bitter Pill: The Needles Are as Thin as the Evidence
Practitioners of dry-needling swear by it, yet there is no evidence it will relieve your muscular aches and pains.
The Bitter Pill: Why Acupuncture Misses the Point
History reveals the sociopolitical factors behind the rise and fall of acupuncture.
The Bitter Pill: What Is the Point of Veterinary Acupuncture?
While some misguided people try ineffective “therapies”, at least they can seek out other treatments if they don’t work. Not so the hapless pet.
Naked Skeptic: Why Did the Dog Go “Quack”?
People who reject evidence-based medicine also subject their pets to veterinary quackery.
Online Feature: Turf War Over Who Can Claim The Title Of Acupuncturist
Doctors and complementary medicine practitioners are at loggerheads over who can use the title acupuncturist.