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Articles related to acupuncture

Browse: Acupuncture Evidence Misses the Point The Bitter Pill: Everything You’ve Heard about Acupuncture Is Wrong
Acupuncture is often cited as an effective alternative method of treating a range of ailments, but few people are aware of the origins, philosophies and contradictions involved.
The Bitter Pill: Evidence for Acupuncture: What Do Scientific Studies Show?
Advocates of acupuncture claim that it has been proven effective by scientific studies. Critics claim that it is only a placebo. They can’t both be right.
The Bitter Pill: The Needles Are as Thin as the Evidence
Practitioners of dry-needling swear by it, yet there is no evidence it will relieve your muscular aches and pains.
The Bitter Pill: Why Acupuncture Misses the Point
History reveals the sociopolitical factors behind the rise and fall of acupuncture.
Naked Skeptic: Why Did the Dog Go “Quack”?
People who reject evidence-based medicine also subject their pets to veterinary quackery.
Online Feature: Turf War Over Who Can Claim The Title Of Acupuncturist
Doctors and complementary medicine practitioners are at loggerheads over who can use the title acupuncturist.