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Sensitivity to Smart Meters and Water Bills

By Ian Lowe

The Victorian state election will feature a new party opposed to smart electricity meters on health grounds, while others are campaigning against wifi in schools.

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Victorian households are being equipped with “smart meters” that allow electricity suppliers to charge for power according to the time of use. Some consumers are so unhappy about this that a new political party has been formed, People Power Victoria – Stop Smart Meters. It says it has 700 members and will run candidates in the State election scheduled for November. The party’s spokesperson has said that many Victorians “have been adversely affected” by the technology, citing “deteriorating health as a direct result of radiation from smart meters”.

It is not the only example of concern about low levels of electromagnetic radiation. A group called WiFi in Schools Australia is campaigning to stop the use of wifi technology. Its website urges “precautionary measures until long-term exposure can be proven to be harmless”. The group says that some people are especially sensitive to even very low levels of radiation that don’t affect most of us, and worry that children might be especially vulnerable.

It is true that some people do experience symptoms such as headaches, fatigue, dizziness, tremors and heart palpitations, which they attribute to electromagnetic fields. These people clearly experience genuine distress. The problem for governments and regulators is that there is no evidence at all that those symptoms are caused by electromagnetic fields.


The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.