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Endangered Quoll Spotted

An endangered spotted-tailed quoll has been sighted in the Great Otway National Park for the first time in 24 years.

Related to the Tasmanian devil, and colloquially known as the “tiger quoll”, the animal was caught on a remote camera set up as part of an ongoing program set up by Parks Victoria scientists and rangers to monitor the park’s native mammal population. The sighting follows the recent discovery of a hair sample.

Parks Victoria ranger Gary Summers said 40 remote cameras were first set up in 2009 in two locations within the Great Otway National Park, one with a fox baiting program in place and one without. “Our preliminary observations show that the fox baiting has had a marked and positive effect on helping to protect the native mammal populations within the Great Otway National Park.”

The discovery follows sightings of the spotted-tailed quoll in the Grampians National Park over the past year, after the species was thought to be extinct in the area for more than 140 years.