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It’s All Happening, and It’s All Connected

By Peter Bowditch

This spring sees the decadal anniversaries of two favourites among conspiracy theorists.

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By pure coincidence I started to write this article on September 11 and almost everywhere I looked on the internet there were people regurgitating old and generating new theories about what really went on in Manhattan on that date in 2001.

There was competition for the hearts and minds of the population, though, as the “debate” about water fluoridation was also raging following an announcement that the NSW government might take back the responsibility for fluoridation from local councils and mandate this forced medication and mass poisoning over the wishes of the locals.

Like most chemical scare campaigns there is little science in the anti-fluoride rhetoric and lots of emotional appeal to ignorance and fear. Fluoride is a chemical, and chemicals are ipso facto bad, not to mention it being industrial waste and being invented by the Nazis for mind control. My suggestion that there was no need to fluoridate water in regional areas because it was more effective to use the chemtrails behind airliners to control the minds of a sparse population met with some approval.

Talk of things like fluoridation, aspartame, mobile phone radiation, sugar, chemtrails and the Illuminati’s control of the pharmaceutical industry tend to bubble along constantly, with an occasional surge in popularity when a new book is published or some “scientist” holds a press conference...

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.