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Australia's Space Agency to Land in Adelaide


Australia’s Space Agency will touch down in Adelaide by mid-2019. It is hoped that it will help triple Australia’s space economy to $12 billion by 2030.

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Mr Warwick Holmes is the Executive Director of Space Engineering at the University of Sydney
"I welcome the decision for the Australian Space Agency to be based in South Australia. The state has a long and successful history of previous space engineering endeavours, including the Europa 1 to 10 launches at Woomera by ELDO, the precursor to the European Space Agency.

Placing the Australian Space Agency in South Australia in a natural progression and it is an ideal place for all universities and industry to work together to develop the next exciting stage of Australia’s space industry."

Swinburne University’s A/Prof Alan Duffy, Lead Scientist of The Royal Institution of Australia
"South Australia has seen successive State Governments, most notably now with Premier Steven Marshall, support space companies making Adelaide a hub for innovation in this area.

The Australian Space Agency HQ will further drive the developments of the South Australian economy but it will benefit all States and Territories. Each has a unique effort that can be leveraged to benefit the nation, regardless of where the organisation that brings this all together is based

The potential establishment of a national industry-university called SmartSatCRC, which is led by UniSA but brings together all major players across Australia and...

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.