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New Gecko Species

A new species of fat-tailed gecko has been discovered by scientists in outback Queensland.

Diplodactylus ameyi is a specialised termite predator found in outback Queensland and northern NSW. It is up to 8.5 cm in length and has a distinctive, broadly rounded snout.

The gecko is tan to medium-dark brown with pale spots, and is well camouflaged in the dry arid environments it inhabits. Like many other terrestrial geckos, it shelters during the day in disused spider burrows.

Queensland Museum herpetologist Patrick Couper and his colleague, Paul Oliver from the Australian National University, named the species in honour of fellow herpetologist Dr Andrew Amey, who manages Queensland Museum’s reptile and amphibian collections.

The gecko is formally described in Zootaxa (

Image credit: Angus Emmott