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Federal Budget 2014-15


Experts address how the latest announcements will impact on research, health and science.

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While a $20 billion Medical Research Future Fund will provide additional funding for medical research, the Budget has some grim news for science. The Australian Research Council will see funding reduced by $74.9 million over 3 years, and savings of $111.4 million will be made to the CSIRO budget over 4 years. The Budget cuts also include the Defence Science and Technology Organisation ($120 million), Australian Nuclear Science and Technology Organisation ($27.6 million, and Australian Institute of Marine Science ($7.8 million) – as well as Cooperative Research Centres program ($80 million).


Professor Suzanne Cory is President of the Australian Academy of Science

“The Academy welcomes the vision of the Medical Research Future Fund and the government’s aim to double medical research funding by 2022. But it is disappointing that this kind of long term vision has not extended to the rest of Australian science and that overall funding for science and research continues to decline. Health research is dependent on maintaining the strength of many disciplines. The cuts to CSIRO, the Australian Research Council and other key agencies means that it will be more difficult to solve Australia’s big challenges.

While the new Medical Research Future Fund provides a positive vision, the rest of Australian science is left...

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.