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Vaping and Heated Tobacco Devices Are Toxic to Lung Cells

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A new study that directly compares new heated tobacco devices with vaping and traditional cigarettes shows that all three are toxic to human lung cells.

The study, published in ERJ Open Research (, suggests that the new device, which heats solid tobacco instead of an e-liquid, adds to evidence that these newer electronic nicotine delivery devices may not be a safer substitute for cigarette smoking.

The study tested the effects of all three nicotine sources on epithelial cells and smooth muscle cells taken from the human airways. In healthy lungs, epithelial cells act as the first line of defence to any foreign particles entering the airway while smooth muscle cells maintain the structure of the airway. However, smoking can lead to difficulty in breathing by hampering the normal functions of these cells.

The researchers exposed the cells to different concentrations of cigarette smoke, e-cigarette vapour and vapour from a heated tobacco device, and measured whether this was damaging to cells and whether it affected the cells’ normal functions. They found that cigarette smoke and heated tobacco vapour were highly toxic to the cells both at lower and higher concentrations, while e-cigarette vapour demonstrated toxicity mainly at higher concentrations. The concentrations...

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.