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How Science Fared in the 2019 Federal Budget


Experts comment on how the 2019-20 Federal Budget will impact research, health and science.

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"A failure to keep pace with inflation for most national research agencies is a stark concern for the science and technology sector.

This has been coupled with cuts to the Research Support Program, which compound the cuts this program suffered in December - severely limiting our universities’ ability to conduct world-leading research.

Research at tertiary institutions is also severely hampered by the reallocation of $3.9 billion from the Education Investment Fund (EIF) to a new Emergency Response Fund. While it is important to support those affected by emergencies including floods and fires, taking funding away from education to fund emergency responses is a false economy. STEM education should be supported in a way that increases our National capacity to predict, prevent and respond to the impacts of national emergencies.

It is good to see that research funding agencies have been supported to meet the costs of inflation this year, something STA has called for over many years.

Bold investments in medical research and development through the Medical Research Future Fund will empower Australian scientists and technologists to become world leaders in their field.

What we did not see in this budget was an ambition to be the clever country in all fields. A Fund to support the translation and commercialisation of knowledge built through non-...

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.