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Science Academy Awards Peter Pockley

Image of Peter Pockley

Peter Pockley has been awarded the 2010 Australian Academy of Science Medal.

By Guy Nolch

Australasian Science writer Peter Pockley has been recognised for his service to science journalism over four decades.

Australasian Science’s senior correspondent, Dr Peter Pockley, has been awarded the 2010 Australian Academy of Science Medal.

Pockley has been with Australasian Science since it merged in 1998 with Search, for which he had been writing since 1991.

Pockley completed a Bachelor of Science degree at the University of Melbourne, and obtained first-class honours in chemistry. After a Diploma of Education (first-class honours again) he taught science at Melbourne Grammar before completing a PhD in Geology at Oxford.

Since leaving the ABC he has written for most of Australia’s major newspapers and many overseas, as well as establishing the Centre for Science Communication at the University of Technology, Sydney.

In 1964 he became the first scientist to work full-time as a science reporter and producer in the Australian media, and became founding Head of Science Programs at the ABC.

In 1994 Pockley was made the only Australian Life Member of the American National Association of Science Writers. In 2007 he was awarded an international Science Journalism Laureate by Purdue University, USA.

The Academy Medal is awarded to a person who is not an Academy Fellow but has significantly advanced the cause of science and technology in Australia. Pockley is only the seventh winner in its 20-year history.