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Setting forth safely: Travel health before, during, and after the journey

Infectious diseases specialist Assoc Prof Tilman Ruff explains the myriad health risks to today’s travellers, including what to consider before the journey and post-trip follow-up and care.

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I'm Dyani Lewis, thanks for joining us. The world's airports, seaports and other border check points now see the arrival of over one billion international travellers each year. Compare this to the paltry 25 million international arrivals that took place in 1950 and you can begin to appreciate just how much international travel has grown over the last few decades. Tourists are now able to visit exotic destinations that their parents and grandparents may only have read about; migrants are able to make regular visits back to their homeland; and millions of students travel to foreign countries every year for university and college education. But what impact does all of this global movement of people have on health and disease control? Does travel present particular health risks for the individual traveller? What about the consequences at the community level?

To help travellers understand the health issues they may face on the road, at their destination and even when they return home, I am joined in the studio by infectious disease and public health physician Associate Professor Tilman Ruff. Tilman is from the Disease Prevention and Health Promotion Unit of the Nossal Institute for...

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.