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Deferring dementia: Research efforts to keep Alzheimer’s at bay

By Shane Huntington

Neurobiologist Prof Colin Masters explains current medical understanding of Alzheimer’s disease, and discusses ongoing research efforts towards delaying onset of this as yet incurable condition.

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I’m Dr Shane Huntington. Thanks for joining us. Our individual identities, along with our ability to interact effectively with those around us are crucial to our sense of self and our place in society. Diseases that impact on our cognitive function, such as Alzheimer’s disease strike at these attributes that we hold most dear. Of course, the impact of Alzheimer’s is not only felt by sufferers, but also by family members and friends who must grapple with the eroding identities of their loved ones. With the advent of high resolution imaging systems and molecular tools to probe the brain’s biology, we are today able to study the intricacies of diseases like Alzheimer’s at new levels of detail.Still, outright cures remain elusive. So what do we know and what treatments currently exist? Is Alzheimer’s yet another lifestyle disease that we can avoid, like type two diabetes? Or are some of us genetically predisposed to this shocking condition? Today in Up Close, we put these questions to an international leader in Alzheimer’s research. Professor Colin Masters is Executive Director of the Mental Health Research Institute, Senior Deputy Director at The Florey Institute of...

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.