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New Books

By Stephen Luntz

Your guide to new books

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Drive and Curiosity: What Fuels the Passion for Science?
Istvan Hargittai, Footprint Books, $39.95

Dr Istvan Hargittai is a research professor in chemistry, but has carved out a second career interviewing some of the leading scientists of recent times. In Drive and Curiosity he profiles 15 greats, most of them Nobel Laureates, including giants such James Watson, Linus Pauling and Sherwood Rowland. In these extensive interviews Hargittai explores the science his subjects’ discoveries, but focuses on their diverse motivations.

Burke & Wills: The Scientific Legacy of The Victorian Exploring Expedition
E.B. Joyce & D.A. McCann (Eds.), CSIRO Publishing, $59.95

Burke and Wills’ crossing of the continent may have ended in disaster, but that does not mean nothing of value was learnt. Detailed scientific observations were made following the instructions of the Royal Society of Victoria, the expedition’s sponsor.

While most of the information gained was not published in the aftermath of the tragedy, some of it is of value today, revealing the natural environment of a large slice of Australia before the changes wrought by introduced species and alterations to hydrology. The University of Melbourne’s Dr Doug McCann and A/Prof Bernie Joyce have collected and edited the...

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.