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The disruptive technologies that will shape business in the years ahead

By Charmaine Glavas and Kate Letheren

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Regardless of your industry, the marketplace is continually evolving. The reason, increasingly, is the evolution of disruptive technology.

Disruptive technologies are enhanced or new technological innovations that essentially displace conventional and established technology, rendering it obsolete. They can create opportunities for new products, new markets, and new ways of conducting business.

In 2016, business models will again change as businesses adapt. The enhancement of current technology and the development of new technological innovations will undeniably transform how new businesses are established, and how existing businesses compete. For small and medium-sized firms, technology will also enable significant leaps forward in terms of innovation, efficiency and competitiveness.

Adapting quickly will be essential, so here’s the top six we think you should be prepared for.

Social Robotics

Pepper robots will work alongside crew members on cruise ships.
Yuya Shino/Reuters...

The full text of this article can be purchased from Informit.